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News in Tech: Virtual Reality and Robots

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Robot cars might be programmed to hit you

A damaged robot car

A robot car might be designed to choose what to hit based on safety and traffic conditions

Wired recently ran a fascinating article on the realities of the future. Automated consumer road-side vehicles, or robot cars, are being promoted as safer alternatives to human driving. By and large they are, as humans can fall asleep at the wheel, take the wrong off-ramp, get distracted and so forth. It does mean, however, that cars must be programmed for every situation, and some situations that most people won’t have thought about…

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So… about that Transformers movie coming out…

Look, here’s the thing about Quantum Pop Blog. It’s articles are generated by three guys, only one of whom is generating content on a regular basis. Sorry, but it’s true. A full-fledged online entertainment magazine we ain’t. Because of this, we don’t necessarily get to all the good stuff the moment it comes out, but that’s okay because so little of the “good stuff” is actually good stuff.

Case in point: the new Transformers movie coming out. Here’s the trailer in case you’re the .0005% of humanity that hasn’t seen it, yet.

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Rather than re-hash what the online world has already stated about the Robocop remake, we thought we’d discuss the fact that this new Robocop is really a very nearly complete re-imagining. Basically it needs to be considered a different movie with the same name.

Take, for instance, Alex Murphy’s hand. In the original Murphy had all his limbs removed. In the new one, he clearly has a human hand. The theme is the important difference here, and the reason why the new film is a re-imagining that needs to be considered on its own terms. This is clearly a film playing on the public anxiety of where technology is taking us whereas the the original made no pretense to be something other than a high-tech action film (and a fun one at that).

Of course, that won’t stop the hordes who are complaining that the new film disrespects the original, and it won’t stop the film from being an action film with superficial social commentary. That said, this is a film that has come late enough that a whole generation hasn’t seen the original and the story flexible enough that it can be adapted to the time that it is presented in. That alone makes it worth checking out to us. Oh, it will probably be bad, but wouldn’t it be interesting to find out how not-bad it could have been?