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The reviews have all been written on Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, so it’s almost pointless to go over the film itself. That said, however, the film is a phenomenon. It is a landmark in the making of film. I don’t mean any of that in a good way.

The reason it is such a moment in film history is because Batman Vs Superman is a colossal statement on what happens when a studio doesn’t have a cohesive plan and hands total creative control to someone who doesn’t understand the subject matter or possibly know what he is doing. Also, a word to the wise: spoilers ahead. View full article »

Wonder Woman Wednesday

Wonder Woman, painted by Alex Ross

Wonder Woman, painted by Alex Ross

Wonder Woman was originally written by a psychologist who wanted to portray a role model for equality and peace. And, mind you, this was in 1942! Since then, Wonder Woman has been one of the prominent superheroes in the DC Universe, really only taking a back seat to Superman ad occasionally Batman.

She’s also been the inspiration for a short film by Rainfall Films. You can see it here:

[youtube http://youtu.be/XATiV3gmy-Q&w=480]

Rainfall Films did it for a couple reasons. One, they are trying to establish themselves as an film and video service for hire but also because they’re just really huge Wonder Woman fans.

Check out this interview they did with CGSociety. They go into details on the creation of the digital effects and how they created the world of Themyscira and a digital Los Angeles. It’s a fun read.

Inside the mind of Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman is, of course, the brilliant writer behind The Sandman, Coraline, American Gods and many other works. Recently it came to light that Gaiman is returning to The Sandman, the comic that made his name and a title that he has not written for in 25 years. I once heard that Gaiman was writing and performing poetry to his mother before he could read and that he finished every book at the local library before he finished high school. Tall tales to make a talented man look like a prodigy? Maybe, but there’s no doubt he’s a talented man. CNN had a chance to sit down with him to discuss his return to The Sandman. Here are some interesting snippets of the conversation.

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