This is where readers will find information on past and ongoing software projects. Many of the subjects listed here will link to blog posts on this site.


OspreyForth is a pForth interpreter married to an Objective-C Runtime. Principally, the Mac OS X Objective-C Runtime. This runtime is the basis for both the Objective-C and Swift languages and is the foundation for the Mac OS X and GNUStep libraries. I find Forth interesting as a language and the Objective-C Runtime has a C API to build bridges with, so this is what I’m going to try and do. You can read on the progress here.

Friendica Social Network

Friendica is a distributed social network that I found out about in 2016. Because it provides connectors to other social networks like Twitter, I’ve decided to install a copy on the website and see how it works. You can find out more about Friendica here. I haven’t started blogging on it, although I do plan to keep track of progress. You can see my profile here.

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