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If you like free music, leave work now

This Festival Celebrates the First Day of Summer With Free Music Pretty Much Everywhere

With performances ranging from Mia Doi Todd to an orchestra of 100 harmonicas, Make Music Los Angeles has a little something for everything. And it's all free.

A closer shot of the #BatSignal shining on LA City Hall. All the feels. Just wish Mr. West could have seen it.…

Twitter: Jody Houser on Twitter (Jody Houser)


Ha ha!

Holding onto Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth during introductions: Diana of Thermiscia, Daughter of Hippolyta, Clark…

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How Marvel Comics Solves the Problem of Adapting a Choose-Your-Own-Path Video Game - IGN

A Marvel game producer explains how they settled on the tie-in comic for Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series.

Harrison Ford with his stunt double Vic Armstrong on the set of #IndianaJones and the Temple of Doom (1984).


Koolaid Pickles... mmmm....

Somebody please explain this to me...#WTF is a "KOOLAIDE PICKLE"?!! #weirdfood doesn't even begin to cover it!

Aaron Gibson 2 months ago from Socially Aaron (Powered By Friendica)

Erik 2 months ago
This is a perverse abuse of nature. I approve!

Morgan McMillian 2 months ago
Oh wow that's a thing? Guess I've been under this rock too long.

Erik 2 months ago
Honestly, I think it's just a poor placement of words. That said, wouldn't you like pickles made in Kool-aid? Sweet and sour at the same time!

Erik 2 months ago
Wait, I made that comment before I saw Aaron Gibson's Instructables link. I'm sharing that!