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Some early development for the new Ducktales TV series ! The show has been released on Disney XD #Disney #Ducktales #fabienmense

As true today as it was in 1968. Pax et Justitia - Stan


#NationalRelaxationDay when he is not fighting crime, he enjoys reading a good book in the batcave. #batman #fanart #relaxation


The moon has been without phone service for far too long!

Calling the Moon: Startup to Put Cellphone Tower on the Moon

The German startup Part Time Scientists plans to put mobile phone communications tech on the moon to help the company's moon rover keep in touch.

You just need to have faith in #DarthVader.



The 40th Anniversary of the TRS-80

This really brings back some memories. The TRS-80 was the first computer I ever got my hands on. I remember my mother coming home with it, excited to show me the this crazy new thing out on the market.

I played Dinowars, Spider-cide and Dungeons of Daggorath on it. I did my homework on it. I still have the BASIC book that was somehow given to me to learn how to program on it. I remember making one of those aliens that talk gibberish in BASIC as a birthday present for my mother. (She looked at it for all of half-a-second of course!)

After that, I graduated to the Tandy 1000EX. With a dot-matrix printer! Wow. Lots of memories, there.

August 3, 1977: The TRS-80 Personal Computer Goes on Sale

It was with minimal expectations that, on August 3, 1977, Tandy Corporation teamed up with Radio Shack to release the TRS-80, one of the first personal computers available to consumer markets. While Don French—a buyer for the Tandy Radio Shack consumer electronic chain—had convinced some Tandy executives of the need to release a personal comput...


Friendica updated - W00t?

Crazy. I updated Friendica about an hour ago and logged in to find my "make a post" button gone. I've been fiddling with the setting ever since to get it back. Looks like it had something to do with my post preview setting. If anyone has any insight, let me know. (and thanks in advance!)
Erik 2 weeks ago
Meh. The button still doesn't show up on my phone, though. Maybe there's a cache issue involved. Maybe it's time to go back to fiddling with settings...


Is there a Friendica/Mastodon bridge?

I'm curious about the service but in no mood to set up yet another account. Especially if I have to maintain it over time. I'd rather just operate from Friendica.

Morgan McMillian 2 weeks ago
And just to finish this flood of comments (sorry about that)... I followed your account from my account on and it appears to work just fine. :)

Erik 2 weeks ago
No worries on the flood of comments! I like conversation, so it's all good with me. Thank you for checking on the Mastodon issue as well!


Comic artists have such a hard time drawing kids...

My mum always saves me the Rex Morgan MD strips featuring children because the kids look so messed up.


Gene-splicing to remove illnesses in embryos

I think this is a pretty remarkable development, but the fanboy in me is now also waiting for the breakthrough that brings us replicants.

Scientists Precisely Edit DNA In Human Embryos To Fix A Disease Gene

In experimental embryos, scientists were able to repair the gene that causes a serious heart disorder. More research is needed to confirm the method would produce healthy babies, they say.


The True History of a Hollywood Icon

The crazy thing is I saw her in person once. I was walking through a parking lot and saw the pink corvette and instantly thought "Angelyne". Then I saw her in the driver's seat. Even from where I was, I could see the extensive plastic surgery, so I just kept walking. Such a tragic story, but for what she's done I don't think it develops any other way.

The Mystery of L.A. Billboard Diva Angelyne’s Real Identity Is Finally Solved

Way before Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, the enigmatic blonde bombshell was famous for being famous, perpetually driving the streets of Hollywood in that pink Corvette. But her true identity has remained secret all these years … until now.


Does Friendica have a command-line plugin?

It would be really nice to access Friendica from the command-line, for example a quick blog post, delete some unwanted feeds, etc. Is there a plugin for this? I do understand that Friendica uses an API but I was hoping someone already did the leg-work for what I was working for.
Morgan McMillian 2 weeks ago
You might take a look at gasher. It's a bash client for GNU social which should work with Friendica out of the box.

Erik 2 weeks ago
Nice! I'll check it out! Thank you!

Erik 2 weeks ago
Hey Morgan, didn't you upgrade your Friendica instance a week or so back? I just did with mine and now my "write a post" icon is missing. I was wondering if you had or heard of a similar issue.

Erik 2 weeks ago
Never mind. I figured it out. Or, more correctly, I fiddled with the settings until something worked. Here's hoping I don't have to do it too much more.

For a child getting chemo, #virtualreality games at hospital can feel like Disney #vr

For a child getting chemo, virtual reality games at hospital can feel like Disney

South Florida hospitals are using technologies like virtual reality, live-streaming and video games to help kids have some fun before, during or after cancer treatments.


Interesting article by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Basically, his advice boils down to three things:

1. Be aware of the character's minority status in society
(I'm glossing over the details in the article a bit)
2. Have a character a sense of humor appropriate to the story
3. Make sure the character is intelligent.

He's got his own comic out, to boot. Interesting read.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: 3 Ways to Build a Better Black Superhero

It's not just about the superpowers. Every African-American comic book protagonist must have these important characteristics, writes the NBA great and THR columnist.


Facebook's AI were evolving their own language

AI Is Inventing Languages Humans Can’t Understand. Should We Stop It?

Researchers at Facebook realized their bots were chattering in a new language. Then they stopped it.

At 88 years young, the rebel-shaman filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky has had a provocative career

Jodorowsky’s Endless Poetry Continues a Phantasmagorical Coming of Age

At 88 years young, the rebel-shaman filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky has led an eclectic life and enjoyed a provocative career not easily encapsulated. His 1970 acid western, El Topo, crowned him godfather of the midnight-movie craze. His phantasmagoric 1973 masterpiece, The Holy Mountain, was ripped off by Kanye West for the design of his Yeezus tour.


Feel bad for Stan. She lived a long life though.

Joan Lee, Wife of Marvel Comics Legend Stan Lee, Dies at 95

The pair, who met when the Marvel boss was supposed to take her friend on a date, were married for 69 years.
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