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Another IoT botnet on the rise

This will basically end when IoT companies receive massive quantities of lawsuits. Beyond that, there's not much choice beyond trying to wait it all out.

A Gigantic IoT Botnet Has Grown in the Shadows in the Past Month

Since mid-September, a new IoT botnet has grown to massive proportions. Codenamed IoT_reaper (Reaper for this article), researchers estimate its current size at nearly two million infected devices.


The limits of a decentralized social network

I like the idea of a decentralized social network. Everything is a node and all the nodes interact, allowing users to control of their content and information and so forth.

That said, I think a serious drawback is general discovery. With a messageboard, web forum or the like, one just has to peruse the posts and threads and jump in.

With Friendica, it seems a bit more complicated. I have to hope the friend suggestions function updates with an interesting person to follow, or I have to find a server that is open to the public to see what interesting conversations are going on. It's the same way with the other social networks (GNUSocial, Mastodon, etc).

Of course, what I could do is sign up with another server, but that seems to bypass the purpose of a decentralized network to begin with. An account on another server means my information is on machines under someone else's control. It's the Facebook issue again on a smaller scale.

I'm not sure what the solution is, or even if there is one. It just seems like the whole decentralized social media concept is nearly there, but not quite.


Who knew Boy Scouts could make nuclear reactors?

This story seems almost unbelievable. According to the tale, he's in the Navy now. One hopes they have a way of harnessing his intellect and initiative...

The Radioactive Boy Scout

Golf Manor, a subdivision in Commerce Township, Mich., some 25 miles outside of Detroit, is the kind of place where nothing unusual is supposed to happen, where the only thing lurking around the corner is an ice-cream truck. But June 26, 1995, was not a typical day. Ask Dottie Pease. Cruising down Pinto Drive, Pease saw half a dozen men crossing he...
Science Technology


It's stuff like this that makes me wonder about Mark Zuckerberg

Sure, he's a genius and all, but he doesn't seem to really understand people and his effect on them.

Virtual Zuck fails to connect

Mark Zuckerberg's virtual reality tour of Puerto Rico has raised eyebrows.


OspreyForth Update, September 3

Just a general recap of my issues thus far. If not for that segmentation fault in the Forth interpreter, I think I'd be running test code right about now.


For people concerned about sustainability and the planet

Here's an interesting Github account I came across with some links to resources, organizations and articles. Although I suppose it's common, it's so interesting to see a technology repository like Github be used for non-tech projects like this:


Sustainable-Earth - A curated list of all things sustainable
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