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For a child getting chemo, #virtualreality games at hospital can feel like Disney #vr

For a child getting chemo, virtual reality games at hospital can feel like Disney

South Florida hospitals are using technologies like virtual reality, live-streaming and video games to help kids have some fun before, during or after cancer treatments.


A site with boasting a language interpreter for almost a hundred languages

Programming languages, that is. I can't get the Forth option to output anything, though.

Try It Online

TIO is a family of online interpreters for an evergrowing list of practical and recreational programming languages. To use TIO, simply click the arrow below, pick a programming language, and start typing. Once you click the run button, your code is sent to a TIO arena, executed in a sandboxed environment, and the results are sent back to your brows...


Interesting article by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Basically, his advice boils down to three things:

1. Be aware of the character's minority status in society
(I'm glossing over the details in the article a bit)
2. Have a character a sense of humor appropriate to the story
3. Make sure the character is intelligent.

He's got his own comic out, to boot. Interesting read.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: 3 Ways to Build a Better Black Superhero

It's not just about the superpowers. Every African-American comic book protagonist must have these important characteristics, writes the NBA great and THR columnist.

Electric Skateboard Rocks the Giant LEGO
[James Bruton] built an electric skateboard out of oversized LEGO bricks he printed himself, and equipped the board with an excellent re-creation of a classic motor.

He began by downloading brick, gear, and pulley designs from Thingiverse and printing
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Good Lord...

I had thought that Luc Besson's Valerian film wasn't going to do well, but I didn't expect it to be this bad. According to the article, it cost $180 million to make and is project to receive $7-17 million back opening weekend. That's nothing short of awful.

The trailer did not look good and quite frankly there isn't a huge number of sci-fi hits under Besson's belt. His best known films are still La Femme Nikita and The Professional. He seems to really do well with urban crime stories, but not so much with science fiction/adventure.
Weekend Box Office: 'Dunkirk' Heads for $45M-$50M U.S. Debut; 'Valerian' Bombing

Elsewhere, Universal's 'Girls Trip' is breaking the R-rated comedy curse with a projected $25 million-plus opening.
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Terrible and unfortunate

This kind of reminds me of the documentary Who Needs Sleep?. It was inspired by a production assistant who fell asleep at the wheel while going home after an all-night shift on a film. So much rides on these films and deadlines and other pressures are so tight that bad things have the opportunity to happen.
Two Dead on a Tom Cruise Movie Shoot: A Plane Crash in Colombia, Lawsuits and a Survivor Speaks Out

Was a tragedy during the production of Cruise's 'American Made' preventable? Conflicting accounts and a pilot in a "death pool" raise questions about safety and the filmmakers' role in it all: "Hollywood cut corners."
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Venom as a horror film in the style of John Carpenter?

I have to admit... it's got potential...
Sony's Venom Will Be a John Carpenter-Style Horror Film
The success of Spider-Man: Homecoming is being used as a springboard for a series of spinoff films involving characters from the Spider-Man universe. However Sony is planning to use a variety of different and distinct styles for each of these films.

According to Variety, distinctiveness is going to rule the day, with Sony considering the possibility of making an R-rated movie or a more low-budget affair, should it feel right for the project at hand.

Currently, two spinoffs have been announced: Venom, which will star Tom Hardy and be directed by Ruben Fleischer, and Silver & Black, which will be directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood. Venom is going to be a horror movie, with Columbia Pictures president Sanford Panitch comparing it to the likes of John Carpenter and David Cronenberg. "I’ve always been drawn to the more antihero superheroes. There’s a dark element to

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Facebook's AI were evolving their own language

AI Is Inventing Languages Humans Can’t Understand. Should We Stop It?

Researchers at Facebook realized their bots were chattering in a new language. Then they stopped it.


U.S. to create the independent U.S. Cyber Command, split off from NSA

After months of delay, the Trump administration is finalizing plans to revamp the nation's military command in hopes of intensifying America's ability to wage cyberwar against the Islamic State group, according to U.S. officials.


Amazon's getting a little too big...

TechCrunch: Trademarks show Amazon has sights on meal-kits, “single cow burgers” and other fast food options (Ingrid Lunden)

Amazon has made no secret of its ambitions to expand into more fresh food services, from its own, homegrown efforts like AmazonFresh for groceries (first..


The Laws of Math don't apply in Australia.

Just so everyone knows, you guys!

Laws of maths don’t apply here, says Australian Prime Minister

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said the laws of mathematics come second to the law of the land in a row over privacy and encryption. Under new legislation proposed by the Australian Government, messaging apps like WhatsApp and Apple’s iMessage would be forced to hand over the contents of encrypted messages.


I would never pay for something like this, but hey, it's LA, right?

Edible Doom And Gloom: L.A.'s Most Expensive New Restaurant Wants to Depress You for Dinner

Review: There is expensive, abstract, high-concept dining and then there is Vespertine — where a meal can easily run $500 per person and the entire experience is intentionally joyless.
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At 88 years young, the rebel-shaman filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky has had a provocative career

Jodorowsky’s Endless Poetry Continues a Phantasmagorical Coming of Age

At 88 years young, the rebel-shaman filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky has led an eclectic life and enjoyed a provocative career not easily encapsulated. His 1970 acid western, El Topo, crowned him godfather of the midnight-movie craze. His phantasmagoric 1973 masterpiece, The Holy Mountain, was ripped off by Kanye West for the design of his Yeezus tour.

Black Bolt and Lockjaw 2015. Drawn by me, colored by Heather Moore.

"Before you quit, why don’t you write one comic you are proud of?" - Joan Lee, 1961.

Stan Lee's next comic was Th…

Twitter: Blake Northcott™ 📚 on Twitter (Blake Northcott™ 📚)


Feel bad for Stan. She lived a long life though.

Joan Lee, Wife of Marvel Comics Legend Stan Lee, Dies at 95

The pair, who met when the Marvel boss was supposed to take her friend on a date, were married for 69 years.
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The time of Potatoes has come!

Self Driving Potato Hits the Road
Potatoes deserve to roam the earth, so [Marek Baczynski] created the first self-driving potato, ushering in a new era of potato rights. Potato batteries have been around forever. Anyone who’s played Portal 2 knows that with a copper and zinc electrode, you can get a bit of
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