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Is there a Friendica/Mastodon bridge?

I'm curious about the service but in no mood to set up yet another account. Especially if I have to maintain it over time. I'd rather just operate from Friendica.

Friendica supports ostatus which is the federation protocol used by Mastodon. So if you enable ostatus support you can follow and be followed by users on Mastodon. I've used it off and on and it seems to work pretty well. However I've opted to use a separate account these days for various reasons.

Oh right the sub directory thing though, yeah don't know how well that actually works if it does at all.

And just to finish this flood of comments (sorry about that)... I followed your account from my account on and it appears to work just fine. :)

No worries on the flood of comments! I like conversation, so it's all good with me. Thank you for checking on the Mastodon issue as well!