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Ghost in the Shell is a pile of garbage

What an execrable mess. It’s so embarrassing when a well-respected piece of storytelling is remade under the Hollywood banner and thoroughly butchered. You would think with so much access to talent and resources, a Hollywood film would take the work to the next level. Instead, it shoves it to the depths. This film is not worth anyone’s money. View full article »

Concerns About Ghost In The Shell

Ghost in the Shell Live Action FilmThe upcoming live-action Ghost in the Shell film captures the look of the anime films, but does it capture the soul? View full article »

Visual Storytelling: Under The Skin, or “Story as Framework”

Note: This review was originally written for another site called Quantum Pop Blog. When that site went under, I brought the article over to my personal site. Aside from stripping out the words “Quantum Pop Blog”, the article is unchanged from its orignal format.

I once had an interesting argument with an aspiring director. He believed that the audience didn’t like to think and that if a story told them something, they would just accept it as true until they were told it wasn’t. I disagreed with this idea, mostly because I like to think about what is being presented to and I imagine others would as well. I could not, however, explain why I preferred this. Under The Skin is director Jonathan Glazer’s resounding rebuttal to the aspiring director’s ideas. For people who don’t like to think during a film, this is a terrible story to watch. For those that do like to think, it’s a deep philosophical statement. Still, before we get into this, we have to have a bit of theory on storytelling. View full article »

What the trailer for “Lucy” by Luc Besson gets wrong and right

The trailer for Lucy just appeared on Youtube. It has all the things that make Luc Besson great, of course. Great visuals, action and a beautiful female protagonist that can and does rip apart anyone in her path on her way to… whatever it is Luc Besson needs her to achieve. That’s not the point of this trailer review. The point of this trailer review is to point out two things. First Luc has pulled out a tired old science fiction and new-age trope, and second, he may have accidentally hit on a very good point regarding high intellect.

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