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Being without Internet is a major pain…

This is one of those things where I envy the hermits that can live in a cabin somewhere without technology. My Internet has been down for about two weeks now. The first week it was because of a connection issue. The second week because I got fed up and cancelled service. I’ll be getting the unlimited plan on my phone with tethering options (about 10gb limit for tethering, although I honestly think it should also be unlimited). It should be interesting relying on my phone for all things connection, but having a home server wasn’t working out for me and I have a VPS anyway, so that seems the way to go.

Unfortunately, the new plan doesn’t kick in for a few days, so in the meantime I’ve been running up the bills on my phone service. This leads to a great big “ugh”, or it will be when the bill comes. Ugh!

The Internet turns 25 years old today

As many of you know, today is the Internet’s 25th birthday. There’s a lot of reminiscing on the early days of the Internet and discussion of its impact on humanity. Personally I want to focus on Michio Kaku’s interpretation of the Internet; that of an interplanetary communication system. An solar system-wide phone network, if you will. I like this idea. I don’t think it’s ultimately going to happen that way, but I like it.

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HTTP v2: A slightly more polished Internet is coming

There are basically three main people behind Quantum Pop Blog at the time of this writing. There is Glen Quasny, who is mostly a comic book guy, there is Mike Longo, who is mostly a film guy, and then there is me, Erik Hentell, who is an eclectic mix of comics, film and technology. Since the site’s motto at the time of this writing is “Much geekery found here”, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to talk a bit about the upcoming changes to the Internet.

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