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OspreyForth Update, January 12

OspreyForth is now on Sourceforge! I wanted to have OspreyForth be more complete before uploading it, but I decided to go ahead an upload it. An error with Git on my end caused me to set up a Mercurial repo, which is where the code is currently held (perhaps I can do some kind of repo-sharing in the future).

I still have to set up the wiki pages for the project, but first I’d like to work on some example projects to show off the usability of the code.

OspreyForth Update, September 3

This post is a quick update and summary of my project thus far. Things have been progressing reasonably well, but there are always hurdles, so one can only hope for the best. View full article »

New (old) project: Osprey Forth, an OpenStep Forth

Announcing a revival of an old Forth project: OspreyForth! View full article »