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OspreyForth Update, March 9

I feel like I’ve fiddled with pForth long enough. There are basically three Forth interpreters I’ve tried so far. The first is FICl, which I was successful in using many years ago. GForth showed promise as well, but I don’t like how the interpreter incorporated extensions. I also didn’t like that GForth didn’t support callbacks, something I knew I’d need down the road. pForth certainly looked promising, but the fact that I was having such a hard time incorporating C strings kind of deflated me. Since I am looking for Objective-C integration, I need reliable C string integration as well.

This leads me to think that I should go back to FICL. It was meant to be embedded in C-like software, so the C string issue isn’t a problem. Plus, I got OspreyForth working before using FICL. My great concern is that the FICL software has not seen much work since 2004. That may be because it’s already in its optimal state, but I’m still concerned I’m going to be attaching myself to an obsolete system. GForth and pForth are at least receiving regular updates.

I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet on this one and hope for the best…

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