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JuggaloCoin: A crypto-currency for Juggalos

To understand the rest of this post, you’ll have to subject yourself to the following music video. Don’t worry, the length of time is a few short minutes, and it should only shave a few years off your life:

If the video comes across as inane, poorly thought out and logically absurd, then congratulations-you are a normal human being. If the video comes across as insightful and “truth”, then we’re very sorry, but you are contributing to the downfall of human society.

The truth is that Insane Clown Posse, the band behind this monstrosity are nearly militant in their anti-intellectualism, re-branding the word “scientist” to mean something negative. Their superficial, pro-fundamentalist, anti-intellectual material appeals to disaffected teens who then band together and brand themselves as “Juggalos” and, in the case of children, “Little Ninjas”.

That’s why it’s so funny they have their own version of BitCoin.

BitCoin is a cryptocurrency. In other words, a product of science and technology. It is a digital currency that is meant to resist centralized banking and makes it difficult to trace money to the owner or receiver of the currency. It takes a lot of intellectual power to create. Juggalos, not satisfied with the status quo, have created their own brand of BitCoin called JuggaloCoin. The purpose of this new cryptocurrency is to keep the currency “within the family”, support and promote the Juggalo lifestyle, and promote February 17 as “Juggalo Day”. Because we need that.

Given the us-against-them mentality of Juggalos as a group, it’s not surprising that they would want something that further separates them from society in some way. It’s very surprising that some of them have the technological wherewithal to put together digital currency, especially given that this could label them as “scientists”. Of course this benefits the Juggalo community. So they creators of JuggaloCoin are “scientists”, all right, but the good kind.

That’s how it works, people!

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