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ICYMI: Blood Moon and Street Art


The Fourth Blood Moon

Those able to stay up late enough got a treat on April 4: the third showing of the Blood Moon tetrad! There is a six-month gap between each stage of the blood moon, so the next showing will be in September.

The “Blood Moon” is so named because of the the way the sun’s light is filtered through Earth’s atmosphere. A blood moon is a full lunar eclipse where the Earth is between the sun and the moon in a particular manner. Earth’s atmosphere basically captures all of the sun’s light spectrum except for the red wavelength. This means the blood moon is painted with a red color, hence it’s name.

This particular blood moon wasn’t completely obscured by Earth’s shadow. A faint sliver of the moon’s natural color could still be seen. This is because this particular time the moon’s orbit took it to the upper edge of the Earth’s shadow, so, depending on the angle it was viewed at from Earth, it would either be completely obscured, or just peek a bit out from the top. From California this is exactly how it appeared. How will it appear next time? Stay tuned in September and we’ll let you know! For more information, check out NASA’s page on the blood moon tetrad!

The Burbank Art Festival

West Coast Artists came in over the weekend and kicked off the Burbank Art Festival in downtown Burbank. Vendors came out with paintings, photography, sculptures, music and more. Unfortunately, Quantum Pop had to respect a variety of “No Photo” signs put up by the artists, but we still managed to snag some great photos of artists painting the streets with street chalk. There are two more festivals coming up in October; one is in Long Beach and the other is in Westwood. You can find more information at the West Coast Artist website!


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