What if Godzilla was real?

Poster for Godzilla (2014)

Note: This article was one of a series of articles I wrote for a website called Quantum Pop Blog. When the site went down, I took the articles I liked and put them up on this, my personal website. Any references to Quantum Pop Blog are left in the articles for historical reason (and laziness).

We at Quantum Pop love Godzilla. That’s pretty obvious. But would anyone love Godzilla if he were real? That’s the question posed by the Alternate History Hub channel on Youtube, and the answer is a resounding no. You can see the video below, but here are a few quick points on what would happen if Godzilla (and only Godzilla) threatened humanity:

  • The initial attack would cause chaos as citizens attempt to escape. The military would eventually be called in, but ultimately any city Godzilla makes his initial appearance in would be devastated.
  • Following subsequent attacks (which will generally be on areas that are seaside), a massive exodus from seaside cities and towns would occur as people move inland to avoid a Godzilla attack
  • Military response would increase to the point where civilian casualties would be considered acceptable to subdue the monster
  • Religions would jump all over Godzilla, some seeing him as a demon, some seeing him as a god, some people worshipping and forming cults around him.
  • Meanwhile, the countries of the world would likely unite in an attempt to develop the technology to destroy Godzilla. Since it has been repeatedly shown that this is not possible, Godzilla would continue to walk the Earth at will.
  • Without any way to stop Godzilla, humanity would slowly be destroyed as the devastation he can cause is much more than mankind can rebuild quickly. Lives would be lost on a regular basis with his arrival and in great numbers. It would literally be a war of the human race against one kaiju.

Here’s the video:

And that’s just with ONE kaiju! Imagine if Rodan or Mothra came into the picture!

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