One of the central ideas of Cyberpunk mythology is that the quality of life has plummeted due in part to corporations that are so powerful, they can maintain armies and go to war with each other in broad daylight with a casual whim. Why is this worth bringing up? Well, it turns out Google just bought a company that specializes in solar powered drones. It also turns out that Mark Zuckerberg has made a presentation where he threatens to blow those drones out of the sky using laser satellites. Google responded with threats to create a cannon to blow away the satellites. It’s all fun and games, of course, but there’s a bigger issue here. Perhaps we at Quantum Pop are just being a bit paranoid, but seriously, how far off is the idea of corporate warfare? When William Gibson kickstarted the Cyberpunk genre, he envisioned corporations hiring goons to enact warfare on the streets while the government simply responded to the whims of whoever gave the most money.

Today, corporations have nearly unfettered financial donation ability, and therefore more weight to their words than the average citizen. This was always true to some extent, but with the recent Supreme Court ruling on corporate donations, it’s an especially relevant point. Amazon has already started envisioning drones for deliveries and Google seems interested in them as airborne Internet relay points. Would it really be so impossible that at some point one company would interfere with the drones from another company?

What do you think? A sign of things to come? Leave a comment and let us know.

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