Comic Books, Technology 2014-02-03

Comic book store starts taking BitCoin

BitCoin, you’ve come a long way, baby.

Meltdown Comics is now the first comic book store to take BitCoin, the digital cryptocurrency that has been building momentum for several years now. For those who don’t know, BitCoin is basically a digital certificate, or file with a series of numbers and letters in it, that details a transaction of some quantity. For example, 1 BitCoin, or 0.00015 BitCoin. It has no physical backing. There is no “Gold Standard” for example. It has value because people agree it has value. What’s more it’s designed to protect the identity of the people making the transaction. So, unless you provide your name and address, people won’t know where the BitCoin is coming from, or who it is going to.

BitCoin began as an experiment in creating a digital currency and has been building from an amusing idea to an actual alternative to real money. The fact that Meltdown Comics is accepting BitCoin is another sign that it is hitting the mainstream in a big way. Governments have already started cracking down on BitCoin, but as with all things Internet, it’s getting harder to keep the BitCoin genie contained in the bottle. There are a lot of people out there that want to see BitCoin become a competing currency to wherever they are located and this is another sign it is happening. Fascinating stuff.

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Erik Hentell: I started out in theater before moving to graphic design. I eventually moved into web design while trying to expand my knowledge on software development. I currently work for a media company helping with their digital assets such as source code archives and ebooks.