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Being without Internet is a major pain…

This is one of those things where I envy the hermits that can live in a cabin somewhere without technology. My Internet has been down for about two weeks now. The first week it was because of a connection issue. The second week because I got fed up and cancelled service. I’ll be getting the unlimited plan on my phone with tethering options (about 10gb limit for tethering, although I honestly think it should also be unlimited). It should be interesting relying on my phone for all things connection, but having a home server wasn’t working out for me and I have a VPS anyway, so that seems the way to go.

Unfortunately, the new plan doesn’t kick in for a few days, so in the meantime I’ve been running up the bills on my phone service. This leads to a great big “ugh”, or it will be when the bill comes. Ugh!

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Erik Hentell: I started out in theater before moving to graphic design. I eventually moved into web design while trying to expand my knowledge on software development. I currently work for a media company helping with their digital assets such as source code archives and ebooks.


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