Baby Predator wins Wondercon

Those of you following our Facebook page know we’ve been posting images of cosplayers throughout the 2014 Wondercon. Well, you can stop looking at cosplayers, now. The contest has been won. Ladies and gentlemen, Quantum Pop presents Baby Predator:

baby predator

Isn’t the little tyke adorable?

Apparently, Baby Predator comes from a family of cosplayers, as both parents arrived as Power Rangers (Power Rangers spawned the Predator species? It all makes sense now! Wait, no it doesn’t…)

Pictures of Baby Predator sent the Interwebz aflurry with “OMG” and “Sooo CUTE!”, essentially proving that you don’t need to attack things to completely dominate and control them.

Ultimately, congratulations have to go out to the child’s parents. The child was an Internet sensation, if only for a short while and will hopefully have great memories from Wondercon!

Baby Predator poses with the Power Ranger parents

Baby Predator and the Power Rangers

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